Selin Construction

Remodeling that provides fresh and comfortable environments to our customers.

Selin Construction works with Homeowners, Investors, and other professionals in the property management and multi-family industry. We are dedicated to customer service and committed to adding value to our client’s investments.  Our goal is to provide our clients with competitive affordable contractor services in every area of Construction & Renovation. We currently provide a multitude of renovation and construction services for several property management firms, private homeowners, and real estate investors in the greater Seattle area.


Our Services

20 Years of Expertise


Our siding exterior materials are durable which will shed water and protect the walls from the effects of weather, insulate and is a major key in aesthetics of the structure. With our design tools you can take the guesswork out of designing your dream home.
Explore siding color, texture and style to begin transforming your home from ordinary to

Capital Renovation

Our process of renovations or addition’s to your home is one of the best.The highest quality of craftsmanship, material and pay attention to exquisite detail for the remodeling of your property. If you want to get most out of your home renovation dollars please do not hesitate to contact us


Our exterior designers work with many sustainable materials, analyze data on conditions such as site location, drainage or structure location for environmental reports or landscaping. We Design and integrate conceptual drawings, graphics and other visual representations of land ares to show the predicted design of your exterior


Selin Construction’s interior designers make interior space functional, safe and beautiful by determining space requirements and selecting decorative items such as colors, lighting, and any required materials for the job. We read and write blueprints and are aware of building codes and inspection regulations.


20 years of expertise though  to be masters in cement works. We are responsible for smoothing out, leveling and finishing freshly poured concrete. Variable machine are available to make concretes, use of chemical additives to speed up drying process if necessary. Use of wood or plastic forms to shape the concrete and hold it until it is ready is a must in our job.


Working primarily on construction homes, commercial buildings, sidewalks and roads. Performing many duties which are extremely important. Many of our construction project workers transport materials, form the construction site and are professionals at their tasks. Safety is number one priority for our workers and customers.


Construct roofs with gravel, asphalt, tar and other constructing materials. We inspect and repair shingles, roofing titles, and putting in place metal roofs. We can remove old roofs and install roof installation that will help counter severe weather conditions. Our workers work hard actively learn best and efficient way the use of equipment, materials and methods that are used in repairing roofs in order to provide fast and reliable service.


Home remodeling is the most important aspect of a homeowner will make. We will do everything that is possible to make the process of home remodeling stress-free and quick paced. Providing a realistic prices is our goal to make our customers happy. We are dedicated to make remodeling and repair experience as enjoyable as possible.


We can perform routine and extensive preventative maintenance  and repair any home or commercial trouble that came up. Perform major and minor repair of all buildings and equipment all of our staffs are licensed maintenance workers.

What Our Clients are Saying

Don't just take our word

Daniel Ku

Home Owner

I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support during the project. Is has been a great experience. I love my new kitchen.

Daniel Ku
Kirkland, WA

John Doe

Business Owner

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