Selin Construction


At Selin Construction, we provide all types of light metal framing. Our metal framing will not shrink, crack or disintegrate and is impenetrable to termites and insects. Hiring Selin's experienced and professional Seattle metal framing contractors will ensure your next project is completed on time and on budget.


What you can expect when hiring your Seattle Metal Framing Contractor:

  • Your metal framing project completed on schedule and within budget
  • Trained Crews
  • Excellent Customer Communication
  • A quality experience from start to finish

Benefits of Using Metal Framing:

  • Non-combustible Construction Project
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Design Versatility
  • Low In-Place and Performance Costs

To insure a quality finished product that meets the vision of the homeowner, your Seattle metal framing contractor uses the newest techniques, the latest tools and up to date training programs to produce a finished product that meets all expectations.

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